Some new music…free!

Hey Wayfarers,

It’s been almost exactly a year to the day we came into Adam Vaccarelli’s Retromedia Sound Studios and put together our very first EP. Unfortunately, it’ll be a while until you get a chance to hear our first full length LP, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hear what we’ve been working on in the mean time.

Granted, this was recorded on an iPhone with minimal sound quality, but songs like “Small Town” and “Peace of Mind” will be featured on the full length, so enjoy a listen!

Also, Tom will be posting some extra demo material of his own new songs in few days, so if you’d like a preview of what you can hear during the Mandy Connell and Tom Ciccone tour this February, be sure to check that out, as well!

We’re very excited to make our very first festival appearance at Newstead Folk Festival. If you want to check out our live set, but won’t be going to the festival, be sure to check out our appearances tab for all the latest updates. We add new dates on a regular basis so keep us bookmarked! Oh, and if you enjoyed what you heard today, be sure to follow our site, there should be at least three or four more of these demos we want to show you guys. All new music…free!

Keep on truckin’