Great blogs help you find great music

Hey Wayfarers, Been dug into my couch with a nasty cold this week, so naturally I’ve had the free time to relax and listen to lots of new music. To be honest, there’s so much great stuff out there that I just end up using blogs to find great new music. I’m so impressed with these blogs, that I thought I’d tell you about them.

A Buzz in My Ears

If you’re a fan of Wayfare, you probably listen to some cross-section of indie music. I don’t blame you. Some of the most interesting artists out there today are indie, in my opinion. A Buzz in My Ears is a blog that was started by Louis Delia, a buddy of mine from college days. He’s based out of New Jersey and spends his time recording music under the moniker Two Names, as well as running this blog, which is fantastic. Every week, he lists out some awesome playlists of all the highlights in new releases going around today.

If you’re someone who gets tired of sifting through all the new stuff to get to the good stuff, just go to Louis’s site. He does the job for you ;)

Timber and Steel

Wow, what can I say about this blog. For anyone that lives in Australia, Timber and Steel is the gold standard of getting all the updates, tour dates, latest happenings, and cool new music from the Oz scene. I first heard about this site when Mandy Connell and I got some free press on our co-headliner tour last February. There’s also some great interviews, opinion pieces and links to new singles and releases.You’ll find a lot on Timber and Steel, especially if you like folk music.

Well that’s it, there’s more blogs I could write about but I’m pretty tired. I’m gonna go take some more cold medicine and watch Doctor Who. God willing, I’ll be in shape when Lindsey and I make our next appearance at the Victoria Hotel this Sunday. Hope to see you there. Mandy Connell will be performing, as well, including a special duet set.  A lot of wonderful shows coming up the following week, too, particularly the one-off guest performance of Darling Gardens at the Drunken Poet on Thursday. You can find out more information on our appearances page. Take care -Tom